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New at Sangers Pigeons; Sister ‘Rosita’ & Daughter ‘Golden Leo 40000’

With joy Sangers Pigeons managed to ad 2 exclusive new breeders to the high quality Van Den Bulck colony! Two original...

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Make your reservations for the 2018 Van Den Bulck younsters now!

To acquire some of our high quality Van Den Bulck offspring – we ask you to make your reservation. Because of the...

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Child ‘Gold Dust’ wins 1. Chalons En Champage against 5,940 pigeons

Again a massive victory for Team Sangers winning 1. Chalons En Champage against 5,940 b. with child ‘Gold Dust’ 100...

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Proven offspring of the first breeding season

Extraordinary results after only the first breeding season with Van den Bulck and Lambrechts quality!

Available in 2018!
Reserve your Dirk van den Bulck and Stefaan Lambrechts youngsters now

Because of the high demand of youngsters, it is your best chance to obtain one or more of our youngsters as soon as possible. Find a pairing that you would like your youngster(s) from and reserve them by filling in the reservation form.

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The origins of our bloodlines

Our breeders are direct children from exclusive Dirk van den Bulck and Stefaan Lambrechts most famous pigeons.
Learn the skills of a champion

The Sangers way to success

Guidance program in homing racing pigeons

The modules will be available start of the 2018 season!

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