The best of Belgian sprint racing 'Best Kittel' & 'Kittel' family “One of the most impressive ‘Best Kittel’ families in the world”

Impressive ‘Best Kittel’ collection

Sangers Pigeons owns one of the most impressive ‘Best Kittel’ families in the world! ‘Best Kittel’ is the best...

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The ‘Banksy’, ‘Gold Dust’ & ‘Angelina’ legacy

Since 2015 Sangers Pigeons brought in the best lines of Dirk Van Den Bulck and were extremely successful with them....

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Successful auction Sangers Pigeons on PIPA

From December 29th until January 9th and 10th 2022 Sangers Pigeons sold their famous Van Den Bulck and Lambrechts...

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See our new outstanding breeding couples!

Order your children from our golden ‘Best Kittel’ breeding team and the powerful ‘Banksy’ - ‘Gold Dust’ - ‘Angelina’ squad.

The origins of our bloodlines

Our breeders are direct children from exclusive ‘Best Kittel’-family of Dehon-Demonseau/PIPA Breeding and the ‘Gold Dust’ & ‘Angelina’ family.
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Because of the high demand of youngsters, it is your best chance to obtain one or more of our youngsters as soon as possible. Find a pairing that you would like your youngster(s) from and reserve them by filling in the reservation form.

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