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Team Sangers Pigeons did fantastic for the Olympiad of 2022

For the Olympiad of 2022 each country can send 2 teams; the A-team with performances over 2019 and 2020 … and the B...

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Brian Sangers; amazing in the Gouden Duif competition over 2020

Team Sangers is extremely proud that in 2020 Brian Sangers won 2 very prestigious titels: 1st Superstar of the Year...

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EXCLUSIVE PURCHASE Nestsister ‘Junior’ moves to Sangers Pigeons

Sangers Pigeons expanded their exclusive ‘Best Kittel’ collection with the nest sister of 2. Nat. ace Sprint KBDB...

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See our new outstanding 2020 breeding couples!

Order your children from our latest Van den Bulck, Lambrechts, ‘Best Kittel’, ‘Daniel’, ‘Junior’ and ‘Best Kittel II’ couples!

Our premium top couples

Browse our couples for this breeding season of Van den Bulck and Lambrechts top quality!

See our digital magazines for all Dirk van den Bulck and Stefaan Lambrechts breeders

View our digital magazine for all Dirk van den Bulck pigeons

In our online magazine we give you an overview of our impressive Dirk Van Den Bulck collection that we have build-up over the last decade. This edition contains direct childern of ‘Goede Rode’, ‘Olympic Rosita’, ‘Brother Goede Rode’, ‘Kittel’, ‘Greipel’, ‘New Kittel’, ‘Special Kittel’ & ‘Golden Leo 9999’.

View our digital magazine for all Stefaan Lambrechts pigeons

In this magazine we give you an overview of our collection from Stefaan Lambrechts his champion ‘Lincia’ 1. Nat. acebird small middle distance KBDB 2015 Lowest coeff. ever in KBDB history! Furtermore we have children from ‘Blauw Gert’, ‘Van Loock Hen’, ‘Den Tornado’, ‘The 188 2. Nat. acebird KBDB’, ’Asduif Noyon’.

Proven offspring of the first breeding season

Extraordinary results after only the first breeding season with Van den Bulck and Lambrechts quality!
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Because of the high demand of youngsters, it is your best chance to obtain one or more of our youngsters as soon as possible. Find a pairing that you would like your youngster(s) from and reserve them by filling in the reservation form.

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The origins of our bloodlines

Our breeders are direct children from exclusive Dirk van den Bulck and Stefaan Lambrechts most famous pigeons.
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Guidance program in homing racing pigeons

The separate modules or the entire schedule are available start 2019 season!

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