Hot news! 6 direct children Daniël to Sangers Pigeons

The high quality breeding lofts of Sangers Pigeons are now proud owners of 6 (!) direct children op Daniël this icon was crowned 1st Nat. acebird KBDB sprint 2019 and is member of the famous Best Kittel family, raced at Dehon-Demonseau and treasured by PIPA Breeding. With 4 direct children of Best Kittel (1st & 4th Nat. acebird KBDB sprint) 2 direct children Junior 2nd Nat acebird sprint KBDB (Best son x the mother of Best Kittel) and now 6 of Daniël.

Sangers Pigeons owns a hyper exclusive team from the best current sprint family in the world.

Click on one of the pedigree images below to enlarge.