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Son ‘Brother Goede Rode’ x ‘Golden Leo 9999’

(G.)father of
2. Dutch youngster PIPA Ranking
1. PS Maxence 12,240 b.
1. Niergnies 3,393 b.
1. Nanteuil 3,086 b.
2.-2.-3.-4.-4.-6.-6.-7. NPO/prov.

‘Brother Goede Rode’ offspring won
1.-1.-2.-4.-6. Nat. ace KBDB
1.-6.-9.-9. Nat. champ KBDB
‘Golden Leo 9999’ is mother of
over 10x 1. prize & g.mother 1. NPO


Daughter ‘Brother Goede Rode’ x ‘Golden Leo 40000’

‘Brother Goede Rode’
– In 3 generations breeder of
1. Nat. acebird KBDB middle distance 2015
with lowest coeff. MD ace in KBDB history
1. Nat. acebird KBDB speed 2013
with lowest coeff. speed ace in KBDB history
(‘Kittel’ – Van Den Bulck) Fastest Quievrain
+25,000 b. Fastest Quievrain +17,000 b

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