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Superbreeding brother to ‘Kittel’

(G.)father of winner
1. prov. Nisa 4,045 b.
4. NPO PS Maxence 6,733 b.
5. prov. Evora 4,012 b.
11. prov. Covilha 6,288 b.
12. NPO Gien 5,615 b.

Full brother to ‘Kittel’
1. Nat. acebird KBDB speed 2013
Son ‘Goede Rode’ x ‘Olympic Rosita’


Daughter ‘Brother Goede Rode’ x ‘Olympic Rosita’

Mother of winner
2. Niergnies 6,400 b.

‘Brother Goede Rode’ offspring won
1.-1.-2.-4.-6. Nat. ace KBDB
1.-6.-9.-9. Nat. champ KBDB
‘Olympic Rosita’ is winner
1. Olympiad acebird Nitra 2012
Winner 2x massive 1. prize
‘Olympic Rosita’ is mother ‘Kittel’
1. Nat. acebird KBDB speed 2013

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