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Direct son of ‘Best Kittel II’
Double grandson of ‘Best Kittel’

Father is ‘Best Kittel II’
1. Nat. acebird sprint KBDB 2020
1. Ecouen old + YL 759 b.
1. Ecouen old + YL 423 b.
1. Pont 160 b.
Breeder of winners
2. & 3. Nat. ace KBDB Sprint 2022
At least 8x 1. between 479 b. – 2,639 b.
Direct son of ‘Best Kittel’

Double grandson of ‘Best Kittel’
1. Nat. Ace KBDB Sprint 2017
4. Nat. Ace KBDB Sprint 2016
Offspring won over 150x 1. prize
all over the world up to +10,000 b.
1. Nat. Ace Sprint KBDB 2020
2. Nat. Ace Sprint KBDB 2018
2. Nat. Ace Sprint KBDB 2022
3. Nat. Ace Sprint KBDB 2022
1. Super Ace Victoria Falls OLR 2021

Also grandson of ‘National Ace Hen’
Top breeder in the ‘Best Kittel’ family
(G.)mother of +20x 1. in 5 different lofts
Breeder of ‘Blue Best Kittel’
1. Nat. acebird KBDB sprint 2021
4. Nat. acebird KBDB Sprint 2019
Breeder of BE21-4202154
3. Nat. ace KBDB Sprint YL 2022


Daughter of ‘Banksy’ x ‘Angelina’
From exclusive son x top sister to ‘Kittel’
Dirk Van Den Bulck

Father: ‘Banksy’
(Son of ‘Kittel’ x ‘Olympic Rosita’)
G.father 1. prize Cuevas Classic OLR
Inbred from ‘Kittel’ x own mother
1. Nat. acebird KBDB speed 2013
One of the best speed breeders ever

Mother: ‘Angelina’
(Top breeding sister to ‘Kittel’)
3 generations offspring won
1. Nat. yearling ace ‘De Allerbeste’ 2021
3. Nat. acebird MD ‘De Allerbeste’ 2017
1. prov. general acebird +19,000 b.
1. acebird late tour Fed. 2020
2. prov. / 4. Nat. youngster NPO 2021
3. prov. acebird overall +19,000 b.
1. Niergnies 16,973 b.
1. Soissons 4,090 b.
1. NPO & fastest Rethel 4,088 b.
1. Epernay 1,172 b. / 3. s-prov. 3,400 b.
2. prov. Blankenheim 17,726 b.
4. NPO Troyes 2,403 b. / 10. Nat. S3 8,415 b.
5. prov. Bierges 25,233 b.
11. NPO Fontenay 17,629 b.
12. NPO PS Maxence 33,687 b.
Many 1. prizes in big competition

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