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Brother ‘Lincia’ 1. Nat acebird KBDB 2015

Father: BE13-6304248 ‘Brother Stefaan’
– Brother ‘Stefaan’ top racer winner
1. Duffel 5,229 b, 1. Duffel 1,894 b.
1. Nanteuil 540 b.
Mother: BE11-6167138 ‘Mother Lincia’
– Half sister ‘Blauwe Stefaan’
1. Nat. acebird YB section 3 in 2015
– Grd. ‘Brother Goede Rode’ x ‘Golden Leo 40000’
Base breeding pair Van Den Bulck


Daughter ‘Brother Mother Rosita’ x ‘Sister Car Winner’

Father: BE14-6091858 ‘Brother Mother Rosita’
Original Van Den Bulck
– Brother mother ‘Olympic Rosita’
1. Olympiad acebird Nitra 2012
1. prov. acebird KBDB 2012 speed
Mother to ‘Kittel’ dynasty
Mother: BE13-6151184 ‘Sister Car Winner’
2. prov. Orleans 4,262 b, 1. 1,474 b.

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