Dirk van den Bulck

The very best of the ‘Kittel’ dynasty

Dirk van den Bulck & Marcel Sangers

An exclusive Belgian superstar

Dirk van den Bulck has won an impressive number of championship and ace pigeon titles in recent seasons. Not only in his own loft, but other fanciers from all over the world have benefited from the exceptional speed of the Van den Bulck pigeon breed as well.

We have one of the most exclusive Dirk van den Bulck collections in the world. We offer you fantastic youngsters from Dirk van den Bulck his best bloodlines. Such as the famous:

  • BE08-6139996 ‘Goede rode’
  • BE12-6254038 ‘Olympic Rosita’
  • BE08-6139992 ‘Brother Goede Rode’
  • BE13-6139803 ‘Kittel’
  • BE13-6139849 ‘Greipel’
  • BE14-6091710 ‘New Kittel’
  • BE08-6139999 ‘Golden Leo 9999’

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