EXCLUSIVE PURCHASE Nestsister ‘Junior’ moves to Sangers Pigeons

Sangers Pigeons expanded their exclusive ‘Best Kittel’ collection with the nest sister of 2. Nat. ace Sprint KBDB ‘Junior’. After an intensive bidding-battle on PIPA this showpiece was bought for 26,000 Euro.

BE17-1019415 ‘Nestsister Kittel’ was offered in auction by Dehon-Demonseau, founders of the ‘Best Kittel’ dynasty. She is herself a top 10 winner and g.mohter of a/o 1. prize winners against 3,000 & 550 birds. Her nestmate ‘Junior’ was 2. Nat. ace sprint KBDB 2018 with 5x 1. prize and the first son in racing from legend ‘Best Kittel’, 1st & 4th Nat. ace Sprint KBDB … the last raced son of ‘Best Kittel’ is ‘Best Kittel II’, 1. Nat. ace sprint KBDB 2020 and furthermore ‘Best Kittel’ offspring won over 50x 1. prize worldwide.

‘Nestsister Junior’ shall become one of the main future breeders for Sangers Pigeons. She is the fifth direct child of ‘Best Kittel’ now owned by Sangers Pigeons and more children in co-breeding with their stars ‘Gold Dust’ and ‘Angelina’ are to follow. Furthermore 6 children of ‘Daniel’ (1st Nat. ace KBDB), 4 children of ‘Junior’ are members of the ‘Best Kittel’ breeding team for Sangers Pigeons; 4 children of ‘Best Kittel II’ shall come in 2021.