First results for co-breeding PIPA Breeding & Sangers Pigeons

In 2020 PIPA Breeding and Sangers Pigeons decided to corporate in breeding. ‘Best Kittel II’ was just crowned as 1. Nat. ace sprint KBDB – he was son of ‘Best Kittel’ x ‘Sister Rosita’ VD Bulck. ‘Best Kittel’ & ‘Best Kittel II’ are now paired to ‘Gold Dust’ and ‘Angelina’ of Sangers Pigeons, best breeding sisters ‘Kittel’ VD Bulck in the world and direct daughters of ‘Rosita’.

The breeding process goes very well. ‘Angelina’ was paired to ‘Best Kittel’ and ‘Best Kittel II’, with 3 rounds of beauty youngsters from both pairings already … From the pairing ‘Best Kittel’ x ‘Gold Dust’ 2 rounds of youngsters were bred already and by the end of April ‘Gold Dust’ is paired to ‘Best Kittel II’. It means a top quality injection for both the breeding lofts of PIPA Breeding & Sangers Pigeons.

The fame of the ‘Best Kittel’ family in the International sprinting world is enormous. No other family was so successful in the KBDB acebird competition in Belgium last years and impressive worldwide references are coming in. Sangers Pigeons owns the best performing collection of VD Bulck pigeons and therefore co-breeding between the two best speed families in the world is of extreme potential.

“I am very happy with the quality of the youngsters,” Marcel says. “Very well built and with great vitality.” These youngsters are extremely exclusive as they are from the current nr. 1 speed cock of Belgium with one of the two best breeding sisters ever to ‘Kittel’ Van Den Bulck.

Mark Paridaen, Thomas Gyselbrecht, Marcel & Brian Sangers