Gerard & Harald Calis reference

With Sangers guidance to the National top

Gerard & Harald Calis- Bussum (NL)

Harald Calis:
“Marcel helped my getting fantastic pigeons to our lofts- but for me even just as interesting was how he homes his pigeons. Marcel told me ‘I will help you- give you advice- but you must follow only my advices and do not listed to others anymore’. I agreed and he gave us his schedule and advised me. Very soon already our results went upwards and within a few years we were at the top of provincial racing! We are really grateful for Marcels guidance.”

The results won by the father/son partnership over the last year really say it all:
1st prov. champion short distance nominated 2014
1st prov. champion middle distance nominated 2015
1st prov. champion middle distance not nom. 2016
1st prov. champion speed not nominated 2016
1st prov. overall champion general speed 2016
1st-3rd-5th prov. averall acebird 2017 (over 18-500 birds)
1st prov. acebird general speed 2017
2nd prov. acebird general 2014
2nd prov. acebird middle distance 2014
2nd prov. champion speed nominated 2016
3rd prov. champion middle distance nominated 2014
3rd prov. champion late tour nominated 2016
3rd prov. champion overall nominated 2016
3rd prov. acebird middle distance 2016

1st NPO & Nat. section Melun 10-654 b.
1st NPO Chateauroux 3-587 birds & 2nd Nat. 12-989 birds
2nd NPO Nanteuil le Haudouin 6-087 b.
2nd NPO Tours 4-275 birds
3rd TT prov. Melun Andrezel 2-762 b.
4th NPO Chateauroux 3-587 birds & 8th Nat. 12-989 birds
6th NPO Orleans 5-546 birds
6th TT prov. Melun 4-697 birds

2nd Nat. champion middle distance not nom. NPO 2016
3rd Nat. old acebird 12 prizes PIPA Ranking 2016
4th Nat. ace hen WHZB TBOTB 2016
4th Nat. acebird long distance WHZB TBOTB 2016
6th Nat. acebird allround ‘De Allerbeste’ 2017
7th Nat. acebird middle & long distance 7 prizes PIPA Ranking 2016
7th Nat. acebird long distance 3 prizes PIPA Ranking 2016
8th Nat. ace hen WHZB TBOTB 2016
8th Nat. acebird middle dist. YB middle dist. 3 prizes PIPA Ranking 2016
9th Nat. acebird allround WHZB 2014
9th Nat. champion short distance not nom. NPO 2016


Some of the best races 2016-2017:

Lessines 2,604b. (22-04-17)
1-3-4-5-7-8-9-10-12-14-19-21-27-28-30 etc.

Niergnies 1,823 b. (01-05-16)
1-6-7-8-9-15-16-18-19-20-21-22-25-27-30 etc.

Oudenaarde 1,186 b. (05-06-16)
1-3-4-16-19-22-23-33 etc.

Peronne 1,146 b. (28-05-16)
1-3-4-11-13-16-17-28-38-41 etc.

PS Maxence 1,083 b. (04-06-17)
1-4-7-14-15-20-24-25-34-44-47 etc.

PS Maxence 1,080 b. (17-06-17)
1-5-15-17-19-20-22-23-24-27-33-34-46 etc.

Roye 742 b. (10-09-17)
1-8-9-10-12-13-14-24-40-41-42-43-44 etc.

PS Maxence 721 b. (19-06-16)
1-2-6-7-8-11-12-16-18-19-20-36-37-39 etc.

Orleans S. 568 b. (10-06-16)
1-3-8-10-35-50 etc.

Melun 513 b. (03-09-16)
1-5-6-9-20-29-42-50 etc.

Melun 441 b. (02-09-17)
1-2-3-4-5-7-12-16-17-21-22-32-40-44-45 etc.

Bourges 425 b. (24-06-17)
1-3-12-15-16-23-24-34-36-43 etc.

Chateauroux 349 b. (09-07-16)
1-2-3-9-14-16-20-21-38 etc.

Issoudun 322 b. (06-08-17)
1-2-6-7-8-9-15-21-23-24-29-30-33 etc.