Great news: Sangers Pigeons & PIPA Breeding agree co-breeding

Hot news in International pigeon sport; Sangers Pigeons and PIPA Breeding decided co-breeding with their very best pigeons!!.
‘Best Kittel’ is paired to Sangers topbreeder ‘Angelina’… her full sister ‘Gold Dust’ shall be paired to ‘Best Kittel’ in 2021.
That means truly unique co-breeding between the current nr. 1 speed cock of Belgium with the 2 best breeding sisters ever of ‘Kittel’ Van Den Bulck.

Very special; the 1st Nat. acebird sprint KBDB 2020 ‘Best Kittel II’ is a direct son of ‘Best ‘Kittel’ x ‘Sister Olympic Rosita’ … EXACTLY THE SAME LINES AS THE CO-BREEDINGS OF PIPA BREEDING X SANGERS PIGEONS.

‘Best Kittel’ is the sensational winner of
1st Nat. acebird KBDB Sprint 2017
4th Nat. acebird KBDB Sprint 2016
He develops as a true breeding phenomenon … the first child ever raced of ‘Best Kittel’, named ‘Junior’, won 2nd Nat. Ace KBDB Sprint 2018. In 2020 the son of ‘Best Kittel’, named ‘Best Kittel II’, won 1st Nat. Ace KBDB Sprint 2020. Every week new 1st prizes won by ‘Best Kittel’ offspring come in and since 2018 ‘Best Kittel’ became father & grandfather to over 50x 1st prize in lofts all over the world.

‘Angelina’ is together with ‘Gold Dust’ the best 2 breeding sisters ever to 1. Nat. ace KBDB sprint 2013 ‘Kittel’, Van Den Bulck. Both super hens are owned by Sangers Pigeons. ‘Angelina’ is a/o mother of ‘Kira’
3rd Nat. acebird middle distance
1st Epernay 1,178 b.
1st Vervins 1,053 b.
6th Nanteuil 10,168 b.
Many grandchildren of ‘Angelina’ also won 1st prizes, including
1st Niergnies 16,973 b.
1st Soissons 4,090 b.
1st NPO Rethel 2,796 b. & fastest 4,088 b.
4th NPO Sens 2,402 b. & 10th Nat. section 8,415 b.
1st Roye 281 b.
1st Niergnies 158 b.
1st Sens 109 b.