High expectations about Leideman-acquisitions

Last year we invested in the very best at Gebr. Leideman, Hollands top racing sensation. From their best pigeons we purchased direct children; naturally from ‘Goed Grijs’, new nr. 1 pair ‘Arturo’ x ‘Tila’, wonder racers ‘Crack 19’, ‘Jet’, ‘Olympic Wolfgang’, ‘Sia’, etc., etc. Absolute star breeder is of course ‘998 Son Goed Grijs’, his offspring won at least 17x 1. prize & 1. Nat. acebird middle dist. 2023.

We made very pretty pairings of our exclusive Leideman pigeons, pure pairings but also crossed to the ‘Best Kittel’ and Van Den Bulck genes. Look on for the pairings we make.