Stefaan Lambrechts

Top quality from the ‘Lincia’ legacy

Belgian king of young bird racing

The number one sprint sensation of Belgium in the new millennium is Stefaan Lambrechts. The new superstar of Belgian sky rocketed to the top. In 2015 with ‘Lincia’ winner of the 1. National acebird small middle distance KBDB 2015 with the best coefficient in Belgian history … and Lambrechts birds won at many others too! This is for sure the most successful Belgian sprint strain in modern pigeon racing.

We have the biggest collection worldwide from Stefaan Lambrechts his champion ‘Lincia’ 1. Nat. acebird small middle distance KBDB 2015 Lowest coeff. middle distance. ace in KBDB history! Furtermore we have children from:

  • BE13-6304248 ‘Brother Stefaan’
  • BE11-6167138 ‘Mother Lincia’
  • BE15-6108145 ‘Lincia’
  • BE07-6337270 ‘Blauw Gert’
  • BE07-6336568 ‘Van Loock Hen’
  • BE14-6087164 ‘Den Tornado’
  • BE13-6151188 ‘The 188 2. Nat. acebird KBDB’
  • BE10-6291346 ’Asduif Noyon’

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