New at Sangers Pigeons; Sister ‘Rosita’ & Daughter ‘Golden Leo 40000’

With joy Sangers Pigeons managed to ad 2 exclusive new breeders to the high quality Van Den Bulck colony! Two original VD Bulck hens, a full sister to ‘Rosita’ and a daughter to ‘Brother Goede Rode’ x ‘Golden Leo 40000’


The first is BE14-6063698 Gitana,
full sister to wonder hen ‘Olympic Rosita’ only raced as youngster and here she won a great palmares making it to Olympiad… she is now super breeder and mother to world famous ‘Kittel’ and his brothers ‘Greipel’, ‘New Kittel’, etc.

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The second is BE14-6078346 Alicia,
daughter to ‘Brother Goede Rode’ x ‘Golden Leo 40000’ – in 3 generations breeders of winners of 35x 1. prize against avg. 1,250 birds … including the 1. Nat. aces KBDB 2015 (‘Lincia’ Lambrechts) and 1. Nat. ace KBDB speed 2013 (‘Kittel’ Van Den Bulck) and many National top aces & 1. prize winners

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