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BE13-6319023 | Son Lichte Beer

Son Lichte Beer


Son of super racer ‘Lichte Beer’

Father: ‘Lichte Beer’
2. Quievrain 211 b. / 2. Quievrain 297 b.
4. Quievrain 191 b. / 4. Quievrain 518 b.
5. Quievrain 253 b.
Also 6.-6.-7.-7.-8.-9. prize
Breeder of 3x 1. avg. 1,400 b.
Halfbrother to ‘Goede Rode’ base Cock I Van Den Bulck
Halfbrother to ‘Brother Goede Rode’ base Cock II Van Den Bulck

Mother: ‘Golden Leo 2499’
Direct daughter Basic Pair II VD Bulck
‘Brother Goede Rode’ x ‘Golden Leo 40000’

Included in couples