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BE20-4186929 | Dani



Direct from 1. Nat. ace KBDB ‘Daniel’
paired to the superwoman ‘Shakira’

Father: ‘Daniel’
1. Nat. Ace KBDB Sprint 2019
Winner of 1.-1.-1.-1.-2-2. prize
‘Daniel’ is (g.)father of a/o
1. acebird Al Shaheed OLR 2022
2. prov. Bierges YB 17,906 b.
Several more 1. prize winners
2. final Pattaya (PIPR) OLR 2022
Also 12.-73.-112.-123. final PIPR OLR
From the nestsister of
1. Nat. Ace KBDB Sprint 2015
She is cousin to ‘Best Kittel’

Mother: ‘Shakira’
Unique racing hen as YB
Only 5 races in her career, all YB
all 5 times won in the best 1%
(G.)mother of over 15x 1. prize
1. Olympiad bird UK speed 2022
1. prov. young acebird 2019
1. acebird Al Shaheed OLR 2022
4. acebird Pattaya OLR 2021
5. Grand Avg. acebird VFWCPR
4.-6.-7. Nat. Ace Sprint KBDB
G.dght. of Father ‘Best Kittel’

Included in couples