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BE20-4186826 | Tivoli



Direct from 2. Nat. ace KBDB ‘Junior’
Double grandchild of ‘Best Kittel’

Father: ‘Junior’
2. Nat. Ace KBDB Sprint 2018.
Winner 1.-1.-1.-1.-1.-2.-2. prize
First son ever raced of ‘Best Kittel’
(G.)children ‘Junior’ won
3. Hot Spot V 450 km Victoria Falls 2020
6.-7.-43. final race VFWCPR 600 km 2021
12.-15.-27. Super Ace VFWCPR 2021
16.-43.-49. Grand Average VFWCPR 2021

Mother: ‘Daughter Best Kittel’
Direct from ‘Best Kittel’
1. Nat. Ace KBDB Sprint 2017
4. Nat. Ace KBDB Sprint 2016
Offspring won over 80x 1. prize
all over the world up to +10,000 b.
1. Nat. Ace Sprint KBDB (‘Best Kittel II’)
2. Nat. Ace Sprint KBDB (‘Junior’)
1. Super Ace Victoria Falls OLR
paired to ‘Shakira’, top racer & breeder
Only 5 races in her career, all YB
all 5 times won in the best 1%
she bred 6. Nat. Ace Sprint KBDB ’17

Included in couples