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BE20-4186826 | Tivoli



Direct from 2. Nat. ace KBDB ‘Junior’
Double grandchild of ‘Best Kittel’

Father: ‘Junior’
2. Nat. Ace KBDB Sprint 2018.
Winner 1.-1.-1.-1.-1.-2.-2. prize
First son ever raced of ‘Best Kittel’
(G.)children ‘Junior’ won
Several 1. Fed. winners +1,000 b.
3x top 50 final Victoria Falls OLR
1. ace PIPR Pattaya OLR 2022 5 longest races
12.-15.-15.-27. Super Ace VFWCPR 2021
16.-33.-43.-49. Grand Average VFWCPR 2021

Mother: ‘Shakira Al Shaheed’
Grandmother of winner
1. acebird Al Shaheed OLR 2022
Direct from the click pair
‘Best Kittel’ x ‘Shakira’
‘Best Kittel’ is winner
1. Nat. Ace KBDB Sprint 2017
4. Nat. Ace KBDB Sprint 2016
Offspring won over 150x 1. prize
all over the world up to +10,000 b.
‘Shakira’ is top racer & breeder
Only 5 races in her career, all YB
all 5 times won in the best 1%
(G.)mother of over 15x 1. prize
Olympiad bird & 4.-6.-7. Nat. ace
1. acebird Al Shaheed OLR 2022

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