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NL22-8235311 | Divalux



Daughter of ‘Banksy’ x ‘Gold Dust’
From exclusive son x top sister to ‘Kittel’

Father: ‘Banksy’
(Son of ‘Kittel’ x ‘Olympic Rosita’)
G.father 1. prize Cuevas Classic OLR
Inbred from ‘Kittel’ x own mother
1. Nat. acebird KBDB speed 2013
One of the best speed breeders ever

Mother: ‘Gold Dust’
(Best breeding sister to ‘Kittel’ in the world)
3 generations offspring ‘Gold Dust’ won
1. prov. general acebird +19,000 b.
1. prov. Golden Crack long dist. 2021
1. s-prov. acebird speed 100-500 km 2017
1. s-prov. acebird middle dist. 2017
2. best Dutch YB PIPA Ranking 6 pr. 2018
2. acebird Ningxia Senxiang China OLR
1. prov. Niergnies 16,973 b.
1. Nat. IHUNFC Valentia Isl. 2,200 b.
1. NPO PS Maxence 12,240 b.
1. TXT Chalons 5,940 b.
1. NPO Fontenay 5,577 b.
1. Nat. Zone Vivonne 1,264 b.
Many more 1. prizes in big competition
Also 2.-2.-2.-2.-3.-4.-4.-6.-6. NPO prov.

Included in couples