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BE18-6156598 | Nora



From sister ‘Lincia’ 1. Nat. Ace KBDB

– Father: BE16-6081764 ‘Son Blauwe As’
Direct son ‘Blauwe As’ VD Bulck
1. acebird Quievrain 2009
2. acebird Quievrain 2010
Winner 1.-1.-2.-3.-3.-7.-7.-8.-8. prize
Breeder of winners & son of base pair
‘Brother Goede Rode’ x ‘Golden Leo 40000’
Direct son ‘Super 188’, 2. Nat. ace KBDB 2013

– Mother: BE16-6081767 ‘Sister Lincia’
Full sister to ‘Lincia’, 3x 1. prize
1. Nat. acebird small MD. KBDB 2015
Lowest coeff. MD acebird in KBDB history

Original Stefaan Lambrechts

Included in couples