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BE18-6156616 | Adventure



Half brother ‘Aure’ 14. Nat. YB ace KBDB

– Father: BE17-6084300 ‘Brother Lincia’
Full brother ‘Lincia’, 3x 1. prize
1. Nat. acebird small MD. KBDB 2015
Lowest coeff. MD acebird in KBDB history

– Mother: NL13-1036964 ‘Mother Aure’
Mother of ‘Aure’, winner 1.-4.-9.-10. prize
4. prov. / 14. Nat. ace small MD YB KBDB 2015
Daughter of sister ‘Olympic Bolt’
1. Olympiad bird YB Nitra 2013
G.daughter of ‘Di Caprio’ Heremans

Original Stefaan Lambrechts

Included in couples