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The modules will be available start of the 2019 season!

‘The Sangers way to success’

Guidance in homing racing pigeons

Throughout the years Marcel Sangers developed his unique way in homing pigeons … Via tips of famous fanciers and many years of experience, Marcel developed his own ‘way to success’ in racing and training pigeons… well considered he made his program in feeding, training, medical guidance and loft-specifications …

Many fanciers invest strongly in pigeons, but they cannot buy the skills of a champion. Marcel’s knowhow could be of help for many lofts to make just that extra step to the top … In fact; fanciers that asked for Marcels advice in homing pigeons had breath-taking results!! Calis Partnership are amongst the best provincial & National fanciers – thanks to Marcels guidance. Click here for their reference. Also Brian Sangers – the 2018 semi Nat. long distance champion Noordelijke Unie – follows the Sangers guidance. Click here for the reference.

I exclusively offer the opportunity to purchase the Marcel Sangers schedule. Several options can be acquired. Interested fanciers can get the separate modules:
– Feeding schedule
– Training schedule
– Medical guidance
– Loft tips & tricks
– Preparing for season
– Supplements

Naturally the total package is offered for a special price. As an extra option, a subscription for guidance throughout the season can be chosen. In this service accurate questions can be asked and will be answered.

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