Sangers Pigeons bought the missing piece of the Van den Bulck puzzle

We are extremely proud to present our newest addition to the Dirk Van den Bulck Collection at the Sangers Pigeons lofts; a direct son of superstar ‘Kittel’ paired to his mother, the champion hen ‘Olympic Rosita’. The first son ever offered from this pair remains on stock in Europe, at Sangers Pigeon Loft.

“When we heard the news Flanders Collection would offer the first two children of super inbred son x mother pairing ‘Kittel’ x ‘Olympic Rosita’ – we knew a direct son from this pair would make our collection complete,” says Brian Sangers. And so the bidding battle to obtain the young cock BE18-4224986 began. Finally, on November 18th, Sangers Pigeons managed to purchase the hyper exclusive cock for over 18,000 Euro. The super build cock is called ‘Banksy’, after the creator of the most discussed piece of art that was auctioned in 2018.

Bringing ‘Banksy’ to the breeding colony of Sangers Pigeons, makes the total of ‘Olympic Rosita’ children at 6. Brian Sangers believes she is the golden hen, being responsible for the ‘Kittel’-dynasty, the most impressive genes in modern pigeon racing! Sangers Pigeons now owns:

– 3x children ‘Goede Rode’ x ‘Olympic Rosita’ (Parents ‘Kittel’-dynasty)
– 2x children ‘Brother Goede Rode’ x ‘Olympic Rosita’ (Base Breeder x Mother ‘Kittel’)
– 1x child ‘Kittel’ x ‘Olympic Rosita’ (son x mother pair)

‘Banksy’ info & Pedigree