1st Niergnies 7,100 b. & 1st Tienen 2,450 b. with 100% VD Bulck racers

Super Results in 2018! 1st Niergnies 7,100 b. & 1st Tienen 2,450 b. with 100% VD Bulck racers

Just 4 official races in 2018 and 2 massive wins for 100% VD Bulck pigeons at Marcel Sangers… ‘Nikki’ won 1st Niergnies 7,100 b. with hard conditions and almost 3 minutes lead. ‘Home Soon’ won 1st Tienen 2,450 b. with a lead too.

The Van Den Bulck bloodlines excel enormously in 2018 for the Sangers-Team. With a huge influence of these golden genes the following results were listed:
– 07-04-2018 Boxtel (88 km) of 2,396 b.
3rd-4th-5th-6th-7th-9th-10th-21st-22nd-23rd-25th-26th-39th-51st-56th-79th-80th-82nd etc.
(99 basketed pigeons and 50 prizes 1:4)
– 14-04-2018 Geel (140 km) of 6,739 b.
62nd-63rd-65th-67th-68th-75th-77th-78th-79th etc.
(101 basketed pigeons and 76 prizes 1:4)
– 21-04-2018 Tienen (174 km) of 2,450 b.
57th-59th-86th-87th-88th-93rd-96th-99th etc.
(98 basketed pigeons and 71 prizes 1:4)
– 05-05-2018 Niergnies (306 km) of 7,100 b.
1st-2nd-5th-6th-7th-8th-etc. and in Fed. from 2,122 b. 1st-2nd-3rd-4th-5th-6th-etc.
(89 basketed pigeons and 57 prizes 1:4)

The 1st prize winner on Niergnies is the hen BE15-4100298 ‘Nikki’ – 100% pure Dirk Van Den Bulck bred by Flanders Collection. Her win was amazing, as head winds were blowing and Marcel is on the farrest distance (40 km extra distance). ‘Nikki’ won with almost 3 minutes lead to nr. 2, also a Sangers pigeon. ‘Nikki’ was in 2017 crowned as 11. Nat. acebird old ‘De Allerbeste’ 2017 against 1,166,767 birds. More info about ‘Nikki’.

The winner on the Tienen race from 2,450 b. was racing cock ‘Home Soon’. He won with a strong headwind, in which the strongest of pigeons really stood out … even in a race of 174 km at the very start of the season. ‘Home Soon’ had a substantial lead over the rest of the pack! He is a 100% Van Den Bulck bred from two pigeons that come straight from the Flanders Collection, inbred to stock pair ‘Broer Goede Rode’ x ‘Golden Leo 40000’.

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