Team Sangers Pigeons did fantastic for the Olympiad of 2022

For the Olympiad of 2022 each country can send 2 teams; the A-team with performances over 2019 and 2020 … and the B team with performances over the years 2020 and 2021. In January the A-team results came in and Team Sangers did fantastic!!

– 4th Dutch Olympiad comp. adult 2020 with NL18-1632828 ‘Dior’
– 8th Dutch yearling Olympiad comp. 2020 with NL19-1417045 ‘Esprit’
– 17th Dutch Olympiad comp. middle dist. 2019-2020 with NL18-1632828 ‘Dior’
– 18th Dutch Olympiad comp. speed 2019-2020 with NL18-1632737 ‘Skittel’s Girl’

‘Dior’ is the absolute star hen of Marcel Sangers, also crowned as 4th Nat. acebird short/middle dist. WHZB 2020 and 8th Nat. acebird allround WHZB 2019. She is bred from ‘King’ (superson ‘New Kittel’ VD Bulck) x ‘Lotus’ (daughter ‘Fast As Lightning’).
‘Esprit’ is from ‘Dominator’ Lambrechts (son ‘Blauw Gert’ x ‘Van Loock Hen’) x ‘Sofie’ (supersister ‘Olympic Rosita’).
‘Skittel’s Girl’ is daughter of ‘Skittel’ (superson ‘Kittel’) x ‘Megan’ (winner 4x 1st prize).