The ‘Banksy’, ‘Gold Dust’ & ‘Angelina’ legacy

Since 2015 Sangers Pigeons brought in the best lines of Dirk Van Den Bulck and were extremely successful with them. Especially the two hens ‘Gold Dust’ and ‘Angelina’ became new base hens … they developed as the 2 best breeding sisters in the world to 1st Nat. Ace Sprint ‘Kittel’. ‘Gold Dust’ (184,000 Euro) and ‘Angelina’ (96,000 Euro) were sold as 2 most expensive pigeons in the auction of the total Van Den Bulck & Lambrechts breeding team of Sangers Pigeons on PIPA in January 2022.

After the auction ‘Banksy’ remains at Sangers – he is an exclusive son of ‘Kittel’ x own mother ‘Olympic Rosita’ … together with direct children of ‘Gold Dust’ and ‘Angelina’ he forms a solid base of the new breeding team 2022 at Sangers Pigeons. Amongst them are a/o

– Multiple children of ‘Gold Dust’

– Multiple children of ‘Angelina’

They shall be paired to mostly children of the ‘Best Kittel’ family, the current best Sprint family in the world owned by PIPA Breeding. Sangers Pigeons & PIPA Breeding also did co-breeding with 1. Nat. aces KBDB ‘Best Kittel’ & ‘Best Kittel II’ with ‘Gold Dust’ and ‘Angelina’.