The best performing Van Den Bulck collection in the world

The super breeding collection of Van Den Bulck at Sangers Pigeons is for sure the best worldwide … no other loft performs so good with direct offspring! And the team contains children from all the main Van Den Bulck pigeons. A summery:
– 5 direct children of ‘Kittel’ – 1. Nat. acebird sprint KBDB and a super class breeder
– 3 direct children of ‘Goede Rode’ x ‘Olympic Rosita’ – parents of ‘Kittel’
– 2 direct children of ‘Greipel’ – 6. Nat. acebird KBDB & full brother ‘Kittel’
– 3 direct children of ‘New Kittel’ – Reserve Olympiad pigeon & brother ‘Kittel’
– 2 direct children of ‘Brother Goede Rode’ x ‘Olympic Rosita’ – stock pair
– 2 direct children of ‘Brother Goede Rode’ x ‘Golden Leo 999’ – super class pair
– 2 direct children of ‘Brother Goede Rode’ x ‘Golden Leo 40000’ – super class pair
– 3 direct children of Olympiade koppel, the parents of ‘Olympic Rosita’, the dam of ‘Kittel’
– 2 children & 2 sisters of ‘Olympic Kittel 006’, Super new Van Den Bulck racer
– 1 direct child & 2 sisters of ‘Special Kittel’, the new superstar of Dirk Van Den Bulck

Super exclusive collection of Stefaan Lambrechts breeders

The collection of original Stefaan Lambrechts breeders at Sangers Pigeons is amazing!! Especially the many ‘Lincia’ bred pigeons is by far the greatest in the world with 5 direct children and 6 brothers/sister to this phenomenon! A summary:
– 5 direct children of ‘Lincia’, 1. Nat. acebird KBDB 2015 & superbreeder
– 4 full brothers and 2 full sisters of ‘Lincia’
– 3 children of ‘Het Blokje’ , superbreeder and a/o g.mother ‘Lincia’
– 6 direct children of ‘Blauw Gert’, Nr. 1 stock breeder Lambrechts
– 4 direct children of ‘Super 188’, 2. Nat. acebird KBDB
– 3 direct children of ‘Tornado’, 1. prov. & 3. Nat. acebird KBDB 2014